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Hong Kong and the cauldron of compliance

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Show me the money (laundering)!

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Planning a merger or acquisition? Do not forget about anti-corruption due diligence

Through mergers and acquisitions, even otherwise-compliant companies can inherit corruption risks.  This is particularly important where a target is located in a high-risk jurisdiction ...


Guide on Internal Investigations in Germany 2019

Document seizures, discussions about privilege, ongoing data privacy challenges and plans of the German government to regulate internal investigations are just a few topics that raise many...

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INSIGHT: Defendants May Seek to Use Discovery to Soften Impact of SCOTUS Decision

Defendants in False Claims Act cases may be able to limit the impact of a recent Supreme Court decision, Hogan Lovells attorneys say. The court clarified application of the law’s...

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U.S. and Brazilian Authorities Reportedly Cooperating in Investigation of Alleged Bribery and Price Fixing Related to Medical Equipment Sales in Brazil

In a May 17, 2019 press report that has been widely distributed in Brazil and the United States, Brazilian Federal Prosecutor Marisa Ferrari confirmed that the U.S. Federal Bureau of...

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With Cochise Decision, Supreme Court Expands Limitations Period in Declined Qui Tam Cases

The Supreme Court handed down its decision today in Cochise Consultancy, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Hunt, a closely-watched case about the False Claims Act’s (FCA) statute of...

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Mining for misconduct: Regulatory change and safeguarding against corruption in the mining industry

Australia's ties with Asia cannot be overstated and when it comes to mining, this is especially the case - an estimated 80 percent of Australia's mining exports go to Asia. Hundreds of...

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