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Insurance Horizons 2019

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Global Bribery and Corruption Outlook 2019

The increased reach of anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations can be seen around the world. Rising fines and sanctions are creating greater liabilities and more complex regimes.

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The intersection of customary law and environmental protection

It shouldn’t be possible for the state to criminally prosecute a person for exercising their legal rights. This was, however, exactly what happened to Mr Gongqose and other members of ...

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Access Denied: No mining permitted without prior consultation

In South Africa, land ownership is separate from the right to mine minerals found in the land. The mining right holder is, however, given the right to enter land that it doesn't own to...

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Is mining still the goose that lays the golden egg?

Employment and production figures released for the second quarter of 2018 suggested that the Mining Sector prevented the South African economy from going into recession. This seems to have...

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Mining Charter 2018 and the potential impact on health and safety of the "cannabis judgement"

September 2018 was an eventful month for the Mining and Natural Resources Sector in South Africa, with the announcement, by President Ramaphosa, of the Stimulus Package aimed at reviving...

Published Works

Africa – It's always complicated, but in a good way

The mining and natural resources sector in South Africa, like all countries that have vast natural resources, is a good barometer of South Africa's economy. The well-being of this the...

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Africa Down Under conference

Hogan Lovells was an active participant in this year's Africa Down Under conference, attended by partners and other lawyers from our Johannesburg and Australian offices.

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