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The new policyholder protection rules - Alert 4

In respect of the implementation and compliance with the next tranche of rules that must be complied with by 15 June 2018. Remember that the PPRs apply to natural persons and juristic...

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Amendments to the insurance regulations

The proposed amendments to the regulations of the Long-term Insurance Act, 1998 and Short-term Insurance Act, 1998 are out for comment with submissions due on 23 April 2018. 

It is...

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To hire and fire: The president has the final say

During October 2017, yet again, our courts were called upon to adjudicate a matter with wider political implications. This concerned the suspension of the Director-General of Home Affairs,...

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A challenging year for the African mining sector in 2017 - what does 2018 hold?

Commodity trends of 2017 - will these change in 2018?

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The future of Bitcoin (regulation) in Africa

The launch of the first Bitcoin future for trade in the United States of America during December 2017 has brought significant public attention to both the Bitcoin crypto currency, and the...

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MPRDA compliance: is it required?

In South Africa, only one person can hold a valid prospecting or mining right for a particular mineral on land in terms of the governing Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, No...

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Out and about - Investing in African Mining Indaba 2018

The Investing in African Mining Indaba, more commonly referred to as the Mining Indaba, is held on an annual basis in Cape Town, South Africa.

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The South African mining industry is changing, and that's a fact

2017 was another tempestuous year for the South African mining and natural resources sector. The sector was disrupted by a range of changes and uncertainties, including the publication of...

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