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A Commitment to Your Community—Defender of Rights American Bar Association

Stephanie Carman wrote the article "A Commitment to Your Community—Defender of Rights." The article discusses the benefits of pro bono and community work and describes opportunities...

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Key Considerations in Investigations FEI Daily

Stephanie Carman and Tziporah Tapp co-authored this article on high-level considerations regarding what a company could do before and when faced with a government investigation.

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3 Ways to Manage the Cyber Risk Posed by Connected Medical Devices HealthTech Magazine

Connected medical technology is rapidly transforming patient treatment.

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It’s a Good Time to False Claims Act-Proof Your Marketing Practices Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI)

Over the last few years, we have seen many device makers and medical equipment suppliers settle criminal and civil healthcare fraud cases with the DOJ for more than $1 million, and some...

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Wearable Medical Devices Can Raise Issues for Healthcare Professionals Healthcare Analytics News

More than 100 million Americans are battling chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, but exciting new technology is being employed to improve the treatment ...

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Wearable Medical Devices Raise Issues for Physicians South Florida Legal Guide

Counsel Stephanie Carman authored an article titled: "Wearable Medical Devices Raise Issues for Physicians" for the South Florida Legal Guide.

Hogan Lovells Publications

Hogan Lovells Changemaker: Stephanie Carman Hogan Lovells Alumni

We react to change in different ways. Some of us see it as inevitable, so we embrace it for good or ill. Come what may. You can’t stop progress, right?

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Love It and Ace It: Your Guide to a Great Summer American Bar Association Section of Litigation, Young Advocates Vol. 8 No. 2

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Just Say Yes: Community Involvement and You ABA Section of Litigation Young Advocates

As lawyers, we have the ability to make a tremendous difference in our communities and our own practices by volunteering. There are many great programs with varying needs and flexible time...

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