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Doing Business – Consumer Sector

Entering a new market can be a game changer for businesses in the consumer industry, but it can come with some significant legal risks. Consumer protection laws, supply chain issues,...

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What's next? Podcast

Every day, our team at Hogan Lovells is thinking and talking with our clients about how to tackle and conquer the most significant issues of this evolving world – and our newWhat...

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Consumer Horizons 2019

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Doing business in the United States – U.S. Consumer sector 2019

The United States has the most well-developed consumer economy in the world, with approximately US$13.2 trillion in annual consumer spending, the world’s highest per-household...

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Doing business in the United States

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Taking Advantage of Arbitration as a Class Action Safe Harbor Litigation Alert

On May 21, 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the validity of clauses in agreements between an employer and its employees that require disputes to be resolved ...

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Global retail industry from every angle

The Hogan Lovells Retail and Consumer Goods sector is pleased to present our Retail Guide, a guide to our capabilities throughout the retail sector.

Published Works

Forum: Private equity investment in Latin America Financier Worldwide

Cate Ambrose at LAVCA moderates a discussion on private equity investment in Latin America, featuring partner Kelly Tubman Hardy.

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