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Digital Health: The issues you need to consider to leverage its full potential in 2018

Technology is changing the way the healthcare industry operates, bringing huge potential for untapped business opportunity. At the same time, with these changes comes a dramatic shift in...

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Checking in with the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection – Trends, highlights, new developments, and what lies ahead

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Consumer Protection is where the action is when it comes to identifying current and future trends related to consumer protection. Bureau actions ...

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Food Labeling and the Laws

Marketers and product developers are challenged to understand and deliver on consumer expectations. It is hard work. And then, in come the lawyers and regulatory affairs teams. Successful...

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New Look Labels: Added Sugars

The Nutrition Facts panel will have a new look once the Food and Drug Administration finalizes its 2014 proposed rule. One of the most significant changes that the new label is likely...

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The Future of Genetically Engineered Foods

Several significant developments have the potential to shape the types of claims that producers make about the genetically engineered content of their foods.

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The Proposed Nutrition Label: 10 Tips for Assessing Change

For the first time in over 20 years, the Food and Drug Administration is proposing major revisions to the nutrition facts panel that appears on nearly every label of packaged food.

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