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It’s Auer Over but the Shouting Appellate Alert

Recalibrating—And Restricting—The Deference Due Federal Agencies’ Interpretations Of Their Own Regulations

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U.S. Supreme Court rules judges must decide whether preemption applies, and clarifies when it does Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Alert

Opinion highlights importance of a "clear" record at FDA

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A new normal in the pharmaceutical industry: How to fight back when your competitor can't stop fibbing Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Alert

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) Director Janet Woodcock, M.D., recently indicated that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is unlikely to take enforcement action against a ...

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Proving injury in Lanham Act false ad cases Law360

Recent case law underscores the importance of demonstrating a strong causal link between the false or misleading statement forming the basis of a Lanham Act false advertising claim and the...

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Manufacturers and Retailers Face Potential Liability Under California "Made in USA" Law International Trade Alert

Manufacturers and retailers face a serious and growing risk of California class-action lawsuits when labeling their products as "Made in USA" following a recent court ruling. A California...

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Supreme Court Allows Lanham Act Competitor Claims Challenging Federally Regulated Food and Beverage Labels Food Litigation Alert

On June 12, 2014, in a unanimous opinion of the eight justices taking part in the decision, the Supreme Court ruled that competitors may bring unfair competition claims under the Lanham...

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