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False Claims Act: 2018 and the road ahead

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DOJ embraces a more realistic position on corporate cooperation

As a result of policy changes implemented in November 2018, government attorneys now have more discretion to award cooperation credit to a corporation that meaningfully assists the...

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DOJ aims for good, not perfect: Our view of the updated corporate cooperation policy

Government attorneys now have additional discretion in False Claims Act (FCA) civil cases to award cooperation credit to a corporation that meaningfully assists the government’s...

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Health care program penalties rise with Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018

Buried within a two-year budget agreement, among hundreds of pages of federal spending legislation, are key changes to several federal health care fraud statutes. The Bipartisan Budget Act...

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Government data mining leads to more aggressive investigations

The government’s increasing ability to analyze Medicare and Medicaid data is changing the role of large-scale data analysis in healthcare investigations — and forcing...

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Why Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies Need to Step Up Their Compliance Efforts in Advance of a U.S. Government Investigation

In this interview, Hogan Lovells partner Gejaa Gobena discusses how the perception of compliance, remediation, and self-disclosure has evolved in the eyes of government...

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False Claims Act: A Year in Review 2016

The False Claims Act (FCA) today bears little resemblance to the law President Lincoln signed 154 years ago to stop con artists from selling the U.S. Army gun powder barrels filled with saw ...

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