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Cape Town in good position even if winter rains are poor – deputy mayor

Dam levels are 10% higher than the City of Cape Town's projections for the end of summer, so the city is in a good position even if the coming winter rains turn out to be below average, says deputy mayor Ian Neilson.

"And the water consumption by Cape Town is well under the target we set of 650 million litres a day since we relaxed the restrictions in December. It's about 609 million litres a day, which is quite satisfactory. But the current water restriction levels are appropriate until we know what the winter rains will be like," Neilson said on Monday.

Engineering News, 16 April 2019

ZimFund Water and Sanitation Project receives community praise

In Zimbabwe, ZimFund and the Harare City Council recently held a workshop to exchange knowledge with beneficiaries about projects in their communities, including Urgent Water Supply and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project Phase II. 

Under the rehabilitation project, a new 4.6 km pipeline is hoped to change persistent water shortages and bring relief to families. This is according to Passmore Masanga, a resident of the Mabvuku township in Harare who attended the workshop.

ESI Africa, 16 April 2019

5 things you need to know about prepaid water

You already know that South Africa is in a water-stressed country, receiving an annual rainfall of 492 mm, while the rest of the earth receives 985 mm. 

In addition, the WWF cautions that 98% of South Africa’s water has already been allocated to users, leaving little surplus water to cater for a growing population and increasing demand.

In this context, could it be that prepaid water – like prepaid electricity – is the answer to more sustainable water consumption and management?

ESI Africa, 16 April 2019

Contract awarded for LHWP II’s Polihali diversion tunnels

The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority has awarded the contract for the construction of the Polihali diversion tunnels to the SCLC Polihali Diversion Tunnel joint venture, marking another significant step in the implementation of Phase 2 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP II).

The contractor is expected to be on site in April, with the works expected to be completed in about 18 months. The project cost is estimated at M517 million.

Engineering News, 18 April 2019

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