Virtual health horizons 2020

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and patients are increasingly turning to virtual health solutions, including telehealth and remote monitoring, as a central facet of health care delivery. Providers are reaching across state and national borders using technology to provide medical services via email, interactive video, and apps that facilitate diagnosis, consultation, treatment, monitoring, and even medical research.

While telehealth solutions continue to be regulated by a complicated patchwork of local, state, and national regulations, some governmental agencies and jurisdictions appear to be easing those legal burdens for the duration of the pandemic. Yet, when the COVID-19 crisis has ended, the shift to virtual health will likely remain.

In this report, members of our Global Digital Health team explore the opportunities and potential legal hurdles for companies involved in telehealth and remote monitoring – addressing both the regulatory exceptions that exist now, and the risks that will endure.

  • Reimbursement, market access, and international expansion
  • Regulatory pathways
  • Privacy and cybersecurity
  • Commercial contracts
  • Investment landscape
  • Liability
  • The pharmaceutical perspective
  • Intellectual property considerations

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