Vietnam newsflash: MPI's List of planned PPP projects - MPI Seminar Wrap-up

PPP Update: "Forget about past experience."

On 13 June the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam (MPI) held a public meeting in Hanoi to announce its preliminary list of 24 projects considered as candidates for the country's fledgling PPP pilot program. This note follows our client alert of 10 June in which we informed our readers of the meeting and provided the short list of projects we had received that day from the MPI. In this note we briefly report on the meeting, highlight the priority projects that were identified by the MPI and offer our view on the current status of Vietnam's PPP pilot program.

For the Nine of the 24 projects were identified as priority projects from which the first PPP pilot projects are most likely to be selected in the near future, please click HERE.

For the 24 candidate projects, please click HERE.

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