TMT China Brief - Winter/Spring 2017

Welcome to this edition of our bi-annual TMT China Brief! This edition features a total of 15 articles which capture the significant TMT developments in Greater China in the Winter/Spring 2017. These developments cover an extraordinary breadth of topics and demonstrate a strong increase in the nuance and complexity of TMT law and practice in the region.

Topics covered include, among others:

  • China's Cyber Security Law
  • China's Film Industry Promotion Law
  • China's draft regulations for (i) cyber security review of network products and services and (ii) cloud services
  • A data privacy policy case with implications for “browse wrap” and implied consent in China
  • China foreign exchange restrictions impacting outbound investments
  • ISP blocking in Greater China for combating trademark and copyright infringement
  • Fintech in Hong Kong: (i) blockchain and (2) stored value facilities

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