The changing workplace

On 21 August 2018 we held an employment law seminar for our clients.

We discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by social media ranging from:

  • Recruitment – how social media is used in the recruitment process
  • Legal – the various legal issues that are encountered
  • Public relations – how social media has enhanced PR or contributed negatively to business PR
  • Human relations – what impact social media has generally on HR
  • Industrial relations – how social media impacts IR
  • The impact of written social media policies

In another segment we looked at the wide-ranging changes to strike law that are to come into effect under the Labour Relations Amendment Bill, 2017, such as: 

  • Conciliation: picketing agreement
  • Picketing at third-party premises
  • Remedies
  • Advisory panel
  • Strike ballots
In addition, we discussed case law updates and gave an overview of employment law amendments.


Click here to view the handout from the seminar covering these issues.

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