Second Screens Unlock New Business Models

Interactive television has finally arrived! But, interactive TV is not happening on the primary television screen as many in the industry once expected it would – interactivity is happening on "second screens", and it is being fueled by the growth of social media. We are in the very early days of a phenomenon that many in the media and technology sector expect to profoundly influence the future of television. To better understand the "second screen" ecosystem, how traditional industry players and new entrants hope to participate in it, and what challenges might arise as second screen business models evolve, we spoke to a variety of our contacts in the industry. Everyone that we spoke to acknowledged that "second screen" applications (“apps”) and business models are in a nascent state of development, with a lot of experimentation taking place by numerous companies seeking to develop second screen strategies to stake out (or preserve) meaningful roles in the converged television landscape of the future.

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