Total Brand Care: Protecting your brand when a product liability disaster strikes

Organizations invest a lot of time and money into creating and developing their brand, but a poorly handled product liability issue can leave your brand damaged, cause a loss in consumer faith, and attract negative interest from regulators and the media – and that’s not to mention the negative impact on your share price. That’s why you must be prepared for a product liability issue before it occurs, so that you can act quickly and efficiently when facing multiple inquiries from regulators, customers, the media, and insurers. An effective strategy places your brand in a strong position.

In Episode Two of our Total Brand Care series, Valerie Kenyon (Partner, London) and Phoebe Wilkinson (Partner, New York) talk to James Nurton about the steps you should take to prepare for when a product liability disaster strikes to ensure that your brand comes out on top.

You can find out more about our Total Brand Care offering on our website.

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