A New Era for Japanese Offshore Wind

An article written by partner Joseph Kim, and senior associates Michael Lynch and Chiyokazu Shindo of the Tokyo office was published in the 22 May 2019 issue of Project Finance International magazine.

At a joint session held on March 20 2019, METI and MLIT promulgated a series of recommendations on the interpretation, implementation and basis of the act regarding promotion of the use of sea areas to develop offshore renewable energy facilities – Kaiyou Saiseikanou Energy Hatsudensetsubi no Seibi nikakaru Kaiiki no Riyou no Sokushin nikansuru Houritsu (the Act). The Act came into effect as of April 1 2019. These recommendations are important in that they will form the basis of the final guidelines to be promulgated by METI and MLIT in connection implementation of the Act.

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