The measures of the Macron orders have been published in the Journal Officiel

Five ministerial orders were adopted, following consultation with the Conseil d’Etat, by the Conseil des Ministres on 22 September 2017. They were published in the Journal Officiel on 23 September 2017 and for now have regulatory effect. In order to be conferred legal effect, the orders still have to be ratified by Parliament, with examination of the orders due to start in the week commencing 20 November. While certain measures have immediate effect, numerous measures are subject to the publication of implementing decrees, which are due to be enacted by 31 December 2017 at the latest.

1. Rethinking the branch/company distinction in collective bargaining

2. Demarcating the exclusive scope of the branch-level agreement and the primacy of the company-wide agreement

3. Consolidating company-wide bargaining

4. Facilitating the conclusion of a company-level agreement without a union representative

5. Merging staff representative bodies

6. Facilitating redundancies

7. Voluntary departure plan

8. Indemnity scale for dismissal without a real and serious cause

9. Less stringent dismissal rules

10. Termination of employment contracts

11. Change in occupational health factors

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