Making law and policy post COVID-19: a more muscular industrial and investment strategy?

The Legacy of Lockdown: Making law and policy post COVID-19 is a series of videos created by our Public law and policy team on how the UK Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating changes in the way it goes about governing.

In this video, Charles Brasted and Louis Biggs discuss how the response to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in incredibly intense and muscular intervention by the UK government, bringing about a profound change in both the scale and nature of government's involvement in business. The various measures introduced by the UK Government, particularly to protect businesses and workers and prop up the economy, have resulted in the biggest intervention in the economy by a British government in modern times. Heightened government intervention for the foreseeable future brings risk and opportunities, so businesses will need to consider joined-up policy, legal and business strategy to deliver sustainable value.

Should you wish to discuss any of the topics in this video series or suggest topics for future ones, please does not hesitate to get in touch.

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