Making law and policy post COVID-19: regional fragmentation

The Legacy of Lockdown: Making law and policy post COVID-19 is a series of videos created by our Public law and policy team on how the UK Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating changes in the way it goes about governing.

In this video, Dervla Simm and Andrew Eaton discuss how the response to the coronavirus pandemic has been fragmented across the different parts of the UK and what this means for UK businesses now and in the future. Each government seems to be forging its own path and taking its own scientific advice. The scale of the pandemic has in many ways empowered the devolved administrations, and with many more powers returning to the devolved administrations, due to Brexit, there is potential for yet more divergence across the UK. The implications of devolved decision making for individuals and businesses are now bigger than ever.

Should you wish to discuss any of the topics in this video series or suggest topics for future ones, please does not hesitate to get in touch.

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