Litigation Landscape: managing your COVID-19 risk

Our Litigation Landscape podcast series will explore the risks business face due to the COVID-19. We look at the legal issues affecting businesses today, and the key risks to be aware of for tomorrow and the future. Our team of global lawyers will help you navigate through these challenging times by providing expert insights and practical suggestions - giving you the tools you need to mitigate your risk and ensure stability.

Episode one

Market abuse: in the regulatory spotlight

In these unprecedented times, our partners Arwen Handley (London), Ann Kim (Los Angeles), Jim McGovern (New York) and Raj Panasar (London), discuss market abuse - the regulatory approach and how companies can navigate the reporting challenges in the current climate.

It is clear that compliance with market abuse rules and regulations should remain on the priority list of in-house legal teams across the globe. Join us as we discuss how we anticipate regulators will view and react to non-compliance, the priorities for enforcement divisions, and how companies can steer through the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Episode two

Key considerations for employers

As lockdowns ease around the world, our partners Stefan Martin (London), Philip Cheng (Shanghai), Sherry Gong (Beijing), Maria Benbrahim (Amsterdam) and Kevin O’Connor (London) take a look at what return to workplace lessons can be learned from China, and the key health and safety challenges involved in getting employees back into workplaces across the globe.

Episode three

Preparing yourself for virtual hearings

As virtual hearings become part of the new normal in both litigation and arbitration, our partners Cate Stetson (Washington D.C.), Kent Phillips (Singapore), Samaa Haridi (New York), Edward Hickman (London), and Al Lindsay (Miami) examine the pros and cons of virtual hearings, how these hearings differ around the world, and what you can do to better prepare yourself.

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