Liability regulation of online platforms in the UK

The UK's diverse ecology of online platforms is a key growth engine for the UK economy and society. It enables knowledge discovery, sales, social and economic interaction and the sharing and distribution of content.

The liability regime established by the EU e-Commerce Directive has enabled almost all platforms to incorporate material generated, or provided, by users be those individuals or businesses. From product reviews to political opinions; recipe ideas to musical compositions; cuddly cats to charity appeals, this is a sharing of ideas, creativity, experiences and insight which is absent from other forms of communication and which enriches society, public discourse and the UK's economy.

This legal regime delivers immense tangible benefits for the UK. By enabling users to share content quickly and easily, platforms are breaking down social and economic barriers. They are providing a voice to ethnic communities underrepresented in the traditional media. They are helping new groups to become e-commerce entrepreneurs. They are creating channels for British talent and businesses of all sizes to reach international markets.

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