IPMT Client Note-Managing Intellectual Property Rights in China: Pro-active measures that protect your assets

Intellectual property rights (IPR) are often the most important asset of a company. IPR includes for example a company's trademarks (logos), patents, copyrights and trade secrets. Policies on how to handle IPR vary between companies according to their size, resources and experience. However, even in today's international and innovation focused business environment many companies underestimate the importance of IPR and its value to the company and often do not have appropriate plans to ensure full protection.

IPR, whether it is trademarks, patents or copyrights, is a source of income and is what defines and differentiates companies from each other. IPR should be high on the agenda in the board meetings of companies of all sizes.

Many companies adopt a conservative and relatively passive approach. These companies, whilst appreciating the importance and value of their IPR may give their valuable assets basic protection such as registration of trademarks. Many rights holders believe that they have thus done all they can to protect their rights. Is that really so?

This note sets out additional measures that companies can take to actively manage and protect their IPR in China.

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