Insolvency in Russia - Russian Law Aspects of Insolvency

A brief outline of insolvency and bankruptcy law in Russia, and the particularities of insolvency proceedings in relation to financial organisations.

A simple, clear and effective insolvency regime is a vital element in attracting both domestic and foreign investment in a jurisdiction like Russia. To be effective, an insolvency regime has to balance the interests of various classes of creditors, as well as the interests of creditors generally in relation to other interested parties, such as shareholders or participants.

This publication considers the position under Russian law in relation to:

  • The determination of the creditors' claims
  • Setting aside antecedent transactions
  • Stages of insolvency (bankruptcy) cases in Russia
  • Set-off
  • Supervision
  • Financial rehabilitation
  • External administration
  • Liquidation
  • Amicable arrangements
  • Insolvency of credit institutions in Russia

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