Innovations in U.S. nuclear decommissioning and waste storage and their potential application in Taiwan

The field of nuclear decommissioning is in the midst of a major transformation, led by innovations in the United States. Since 1964, 36 nuclear reactors have shut down, 21 reactors are currently undergoing decommissioning, and 10 reactors have been successfully decommissioned. The lessons learned from extensive experience in nuclear decommissioning and waste management in the U.S. could help enhance this process abroad.

While the regulatory and practical realities differ across countries and reactors, there are innovations in safe and efficient decommissioning and in the disposal of nuclear waste that are broadly applicable. Our team has experience not only within the U.S., but also in Europe and Asia, handling decommissioning issues such as licensing and waste storage. We are experienced in overcoming nuclear regulatory hurdles and helping companies find sound solutions to complex decommissioning matters.

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