Infrastructure & Energy M&A - Make your deal a success with us

We are one of the global leaders and strive to be the “go-to firm” for infrastructure and energy project M&A deals.

Infra & Energy M&A – this is all we do

• Around the globe and on the most challenging projects and transactions

• Tailored to your industry and your needs

• Recognized by the most important awards and underlined by our unique track record.

We have been acting for key players on some of the most ground breaking projects to have come to the market, particularly requiring the development of novel structures and risk allocation mechanisms, including various award-winning pathfinder schemes in nascent markets.

At the same time, we have extensive M&A experience, with a proven track record of more than US$500bn in M&A transactions worldwide, representing entities, principals, and financial advisors in almost 700 public and private transactions.

We have achieved this through practical and innovative legal solutions that help our clients succeed.

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