Hong Kong Law Contract Guide

Colleges, universities, and academic institutions are increasingly active in Hong Kong. Over the past several years, these initiatives have included research collaborations, dual degrees, executive education, donor and foundation arrangements, study centers, and intellectual property transactions.

A common misconception is that Hong Kong and China share a legal regime – they do not. Hong Kong is a common law jurisdiction and distinct from China's civil law system. This distinction is critical in terms of formation and construction of contracts, and dispute resolution thereunder.

Our team in Hong Kong recently developed a Hong Kong Law Contract Guide. The guide discusses relevant legal principles that inform the most common contractual clauses in Hong Kong. The guide offers practical points to consider in drafting a contract, and sample clauses that may be a useful reference when preparing or reviewing a contract. The guide also addresses Hong Kong principles related to implied terms, privity of contract, and resolution of disputes. As activity into Hong Kong grows, we hope this resource helps to facilitate the agreement process.

To view the Hong Kong Law Contract Guide, click here.

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