Helping Victims of Violence

During our Valentine's Day meeting with the women of Ikhaya Lethemba – a centre for the care of women and children who are impacted by violence – we were approached by a number of women who found themselves in desperate situations and needed legal assistance. On 14 March 2013, Michal Johnson returned to Ikhaya Lethemba to meet with these women. She gave advice and provided assistance to:

  • A woman who had vacated her own home due to her husband's violence and now needed to evict him from the property so that she and their children could return.
  • A mother whose young child had been raped by their landlord.
  • A café owner whose husband was trying to intimidate her and prevent her from running her business.
  • A woman who is registered as being married to a man she has never met.
  • A mother whose husband refuses to assist her in looking after their children.

These women were given advice or referred to other organisations; some were taken on as clients of the firm. These vulnerable members of society are victims of violence who have been removed from their homes or had to vacate them. Assisting these women has allowed Routledge Modise the privilege of helping women who are trying to stand up against their abusers.

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