Guest Editor's Insight - FTC's Settlement with HTC

On 22 February, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a data privacy and security settlement with HTC America, Inc. (HTC) that could have far-reaching effects for providers of mobile financial services, device manufacturers, and other technology companies1. Specifically, HTC agreed to settle allegations that it had engaged in unfair and deceptive practices regarding access to and use of personal information stored on HTC mobile devices. Under the settlement, HTC will develop and release software patches for millions of devices, establish a comprehensive security program for product development, and undergo independent security assessments every other year for the next 20 years. HTC is also prohibited from making any false or misleading statements about the privacy and security of consumers' information that is stored on HTC devices. Included below is a summary of the FTC's allegations and the potential impact on new mobile financial services.

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