Getting ready for the swimsuit season? The Italian Self-Regulatory Body for Advertising ("IAP") speaks up on "low-calorie, balanced and detox diet" and "free from…" claims

"Low-calorie, balanced and detox diet" claims

On May 27 2019, the IAP's Review Board assessed food claims made in relation to a rice based diet. In response to questions such as "Ready for the swimsuit season?", "Do you feel swollen?", or "Do you feel overweight?" it explained that the proposed diet is "low-calorie, balanced and detox", lasts "7 days", is studied "for him (1300 kcal) and for her (1000 kcal)". The diet also included "herbal teas and food supplements" and meals were presented as already prepared so "you don't have to weight anything, you don't have to think about anything".

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