Financial Institutions Answer Book: Law, Governance, Compliance (2019 Edition)

Financial Institutions Answer Book provides a comprehensive overview of the complex federal requirements regulating financial institutions in the United States.

Every aspect of a financial institution's life cycle is covered, from understanding the differences in regulation based on what type of charter is chosen, through ongoing capital and deposit activities requirements and major changes in corporate control, to the cessation of entity activity through merger, acquisition, or entity failure.

Financial Institutions Answer Book is a practical Q&A reference covering a range of topics related to law, governance, and compliance, including:

  • Creation of branch offices
  • Deposit Activity
  • Corporate governance
  • Executive compensation
  • Deposit insurance requirements
  • Insider and affiliate transactions
  • Anti-money laundering and U.S. trade sanctions
  • Examination and audit
  • Privacy and data security

Reflecting the increased federal concern with fraud, money laundering and protecting the federal taxpayer from bank defaults, individual chapters are devoted to describing in detail the federal enforcement agencies and their powers, anti-money laundering and other fraud issues, the required examinations and audit process, and recent regulatory approaches to problem banks and failure.

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