Exploring life at Hogan Lovells with senior associate Khushaal Ved

In the latest instalment of our “Life at Hogan Lovells” series we’re in Singapore with senior associate Khushaal Ved. Having trained at the firm, Khushaal has spent time across three of our offices: London, Washington, D.C. and currently, Singapore. With his global network established, he explains the importance of forging international ties with colleagues and peers. Known for his innovative approach to the practice of law and commitment to pro bono, he was recently commended in the FT’s Innovative Lawyers Awards APAC. Read on to find out more about Khushaal’s career to date.

What attracted you to Hogan Lovells?

I gravitated towards Hogan Lovells, as it was a genuinely full-service law firm. Whilst I thought I would always be attracted to disputes and regulatory work, Hogan Lovells allowed me to try a range of matters (from corporate advisory to litigation and arbitration, to quickly deciding on investigations). I was also attracted by Hogan Lovells being truly transatlantic; not just in name but in practice. The chance to work, and spend time in the U.S. proved true early in my training contract, and remains the case even where I am now in Singapore.

You were recently recognized in the FT’s Innovative Lawyers Awards APAC, tell us about Project Gemini and how it came about.

Walking in the English countryside with my dog, I saw all these signs highlighting town-twinning where villages and towns in the UK are paired with a city in France, or even in far-flung locations around the world. This endeavour was promoted in the 20th Century so as to build collaboration and trust. Gemini similarly seeks to pair up, but this time with offices across the Hogan Lovells network, and build deeper links between different locations so practices or people are not working in siloes and really experience working in an international firm, rather than any one office. I have had this benefit in my career, and this neatly ties up with our firm’s strategic priorities, particularly investing in strategic markets, encouraging collaboration and importantly enhancing client service, by bringing the whole of our firm to the whole client.

Having spent time across several of our offices, what have you observed?

I have spent my entire legal career with Hogan Lovells, having trained in London and Washington, D.C., and now with several years spent in Singapore. My most significant takeaway is no matter the technological advances or titles, the most important thing is human relationships - and they are borderless. Knowing who to call, client or colleague, and building your network remains critical in developing your practice as well as deepening expertise. We have truly wonderful people, who are kind, generous, and supportive, working together across the world. That is what continues to motivate me at our firm.

As someone who is heavily involved in pro bono activities alongside your client work, what drives your passion to be involved in pro bono efforts?

Pro bono work is special in that it is often open to all. My most active recent pro bono matters range from digital coins designed to promote environmental conservation; animal trafficking; tackling corruption in sport with the United Nations; to volunteering at Singapore’s Food Bank. These are not opportunities for just me, or for just lawyers but all members of our firm and even our clients. So many do not have access to justice. We have a commitment to support communities, and we have a chance to learn new skills, meet new colleagues and contacts, and help along the way.

What is your greatest professional achievement to date?

Multiple in-person presentations to the Department of Justice and Securities Exchange Commission in Washington D.C.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Increasingly more time in the gym, trying to master an overhead squat but equally counting down to the festival of films this summer, namely Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible and Oppenheimer. My fiancée may read this so to be safe, I’ll add in wedding planning.

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