Energy Transition: Regulatory impact

Energy transition describes the global shift away from fossil fuels towards meeting global energy demand through a smart and efficient energy eco-system producing sustainable greenhouse gas emissions. Energy transition is affecting all businesses and not just those traditionally active in the energy sectors.

In this video, partners Alex Harrison and Mark Jones discuss a number of prevailing and interlinking themes, including the electrification of "everything," a shift to low carbon and renewable energy and fuels, how technology is changing how we generate, store and consume energy, manage our networks and monetise the value of flexibility to the system, and political and corporate commitments and increasing public demand to limit global warming.

They also consider the regulatory impact that may hinder or facilitate energy transition – and how our integrated Global Regulatory practice is excellently placed to help our clients across all industry sectors meet these challenges.

The impact will vary between different organisations and sectors but may well include:

  • a need to understand and comply with new laws, regulations and standards
  • commitments to sustainability, ESG, climate change resilience and reduced emissions
  • a need to impose new compliance requirements on supply chains
  • raising green or sustainable finance or seeking green or sustainable investments
  • pivoting their business or creating new business lines or businesses to provide energy efficient and low carbon products, services and solutions (and away from fossil fuels)

Watch the video to find out more.

Get in touch with Alex Harrison or Mark Jones if you would like to discuss any aspect of this evolving global energy eco-system.

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