Employment alert: April 2018

In this month's issue of our newsletter on employment matters in Poland:

  • Recent Court Judgments 
    • On-call duty performed by an employee in the place of residence combined with the obligation to be present quickly at the workplace upon an employer's request should be treated as "working time" – European Court of Justice decision dated 21 February 2018, C-518/15
    • A self-employed contractor considered as an employee after applying for maternity allowance – Supreme Court decision dated 20 November 2018, II UK 711/16
  • Law amendments
    • Shortening the time period for the storage of employee files and their electronisation
    • Remuneration for work to be paid, by default, into a bank account
  • New legislation works
    • Employee investment plans (PKK)
    • Labour Law Codification Commission projects of the new Labour Code and the Collective Labour Code

Read the full newsletter here: Employment Newsletter – 19 April 2018

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