Doing Business in the UK: Consumer Sector 2020

The UK’s consumer sector has shown resilience against the backdrop of challenging political and economic conditions. Consumers in the UK remain willing to spend; however, the way in which they do so is changing, with e-commerce accounting for around 20 percent of retail sales in 2019. Meanwhile, regulation attempts to keep pace with the changes in both consumer behaviors and the geopolitical landscape. For those seeking to do business in the UK, an understanding of how to best navigate this legal and regulatory environment has never been more crucial to success.

Whether you are already well established in the UK or looking to enter the market, this overview provides a guide to navigating legal pitfalls and successfully conducting business in the UK’s dynamic consumer sector.

In the Doing Business in the UK publication, our UK Consumer team provides an overview of consumer protection laws, supply chain issues, product regulation concerns, intellectual property challenges, key data privacy matters, changing tariffs and customs, and other issues that could impact businesses looking to enter the UK consumer markets or conduct business in the UK.

This publication is the fourth in a series of Doing Business guides that help consumer companies adapt to regional challenges, laws, and regulations when entering new markets. For more information, download our guides below:

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