COVID-19's impact on hotel activities in Italy

On Wednesday, 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the spread of coronavirus a global pandemic. On the same date – following the initial decrees issued to face the escalation of the Covid-19 emergency, which provided for limits only to certain activities and to certain areas of the country – the Italian Government issued the 11 March 2020 Law Decree (the "Lockdown Decree") providing for a shutdown of many activities and several limits to others on the whole Italian territory.

In particular, based on the Lockdown Decree, all commercial activities to the public/retail (e.g. restaurants, bars, etc. – including those located in the hotels) are shut down until 13 April 2020 (unless such term is postponed with further decrees), only with exclusion of essential and first necessity commercial activities, such as pharmacies and food stores. Strict limitations to people circulation have also been imposed. In addition, some important economic measures regarding, among others, hotel activities have been established by the Italian Government in the 17 March 2020 Law Decree (the "Economic Measures Decree").

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