Corporate News - April 2016

A monthly newsletter covering topics of interest in UK corporate law including mergers and acquisitions, listed companies, equity capital markets, corporate governance and general company law.
This month's edition includes articles on:

  • Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (SBEE)
  • EHRC Inquiry and Recommendations: FTSE 350 Board Appointments
  • New LSE Admission and Disclosure Standards and consultation on further changes
  • Prospectus regime and FCA Handbook amended for Omnibus II
  • FCA quarterly consultation: proposed changes to FCA Handbook
  • Primary Market Bulletin Issue 13
  • Market Abuse Regulation secondary legislation published
  • Beneficial ownership of foreign companies undertaking certain activities in the UK
  • PIRC UK Shareholder Voting Guidelines 2016 issued
  • Budget Banishes CRC

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