CNNIC to allow Roman scripts/numbers to be registered as part of Chinese Internationalized Domain Names

Chinese Internationalized Domain Names in simplified and traditional characters ("Chinese IDNs") have been available for registration since 2005. Previously, Chinese IDN country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) could only be registered where the DNS label (i.e. everything before the .中国/.中國 extension) was also in Chinese characters.

Registration of Roman scripts/numbers as part of Chinese IDNs

The .cn registry, China Internet Network Information Centre ("CNNIC"), recently announced that as of 29 October 2012, it will be possible to include Roman scripts/numbers/hyphens as part of Chinese IDNs.

For example, while it was previously possible to register the 路伟.中国 (the "Hogan Lovells" Chinese IDN), after the changes are introduced it will be possible to register "". It would also be possible to register a .cn domain name comprising entirely of numbers (e.g., a combination of Roman scripts and numbers (e.g. "") or any of the preceding domain names incorporating a hyphen (e.g. "", "" or "123-45. 中国").

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