China Launches New Rules on Food Recall System


Implementing a set of detailed and up-to-date rules on the recall system for food products is an inevitable response to increasing international scrutiny over China's food safety. The Food Recall Measures reflect the PRC authorities' determination to improve the administration of food products in the Chinese market and ultimately China's image in this respect. 

The re-tooling of China's food safety system can be seen not only in the Food Recall Measures, but also in the higher-level Food Safety Law currently being revised and expected to be re-issued within this year. Its provisions relating to the food recall system are consistent with the Food Recall Measures. These top-to-bottom changes in China's legislative and regulatory framework demonstrate China's tenacity to overcome its food safety issues and likely signal a new chapter in China’s never-ending battle against unscrupulous food suppliers, many of which have proliferated under an unchecked environment and which are now starting to feel the noose tightening.

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