John Warner: Building Global Bridges

Our firm derives its strength from its people. They make us who we are. They shape the way we are perceived.

And, by finding common ground where others see difference, our people often help shape the world.

Take Senator John W. Warner KBE. His contribution to the firm stretches back six decades, but he’s best known for his influence on the wider world in that period. After striking deals in the corridors of power in the Executive Branch and Congress for 40 years, he returned to the Hogan Lovells fold in 2010 as a senior advisor in Washington, D.C.

Spared deployment in the Pacific as a U.S. Navy enlisted sailor when the Hiroshima bomb dropped, John was never again far from the action. Acting as one of the top strategists on Nixon’s ’68 campaign team and laying the foundations of détente. Petitioning the Queen to lend the United States her copy of the Magna Carta for the bicentennial of America’s Independence. And eventually becoming Virginia’s second longest-serving Senator. John even found time to marry the British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor.

With experience working with a string of presidents and a knack for pulling the right levers, there are few better placed to cast an eye over the tumult of 2016 and the uncertainty lying ahead.

Eager to share his thoughts, John assessed both the domestic and global challenges facing President Donald Trump.

To read the full interview with Senator John W. Warner, download a PDF copy of "Building Global Bridges." This article was first published in the March 2017 Hogan Lovells alumni magazine Reflections.

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