Asia data protection and cybersecurity guide 2018

As global focus on data protection and cyber security law and regulation continues to increase, the Asia-Pacific region is increasingly an area of concern for global compliance programs.

Much of the focus internationally has been on preparations for the May, 2018 implementation of the EU GDPR. However, the APAC region is also noteworthy for a number reasons, including China’s ongoing implementation of its Cyber Security Law, the stepping up of data protection laws in Japan and Australia and an overall trend towards stricter enforcement and greater public awareness of their rights under data protection laws.

In the 2018 edition of our annual Asia Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide, we look back on the significant developments in the region over the course of 2017, and highlight key themes and initiatives for the rest of the year ahead.

Alongside analysis of China's Cyber Security Law, and the shockwaves of the GDPR felt across the region, the Guide sets out:

  • Individual country spotlights, looking at trends and regulatory developments;
  • A "regulatory heat map", a graphic representation of the relative stringency of the various data protection regimes across the region; and
  • A guide for making (and keeping) an effective data protection and cyber security compliance program.

Please click here to download the full version of the Asia Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide 2018.

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