ADG Insights: U.S. government's increased efforts in supply chain integrity

Through ADG Insights, we share with you the top legal and political issues affecting the aerospace, defense, and government services (ADG) industry. Our ADG industry team monitors the latest developments to help our clients stay in front of issues before they become problems and seize opportunities in a timely manner.

In this installment, our team provides commentary on the U.S. government's increased measures to address the growing supply chain risks in the industry. While supply chain risk concerns are not new, recent news has spotlighted the real world consequences that can arise if vulnerabilities in the supply chain are not addressed.

This is the first volume of the ADG Insights' Supply Chain series, where we hope to jump-start the crucial dialogue required between the government and contractors to better protect national security from malicious software and defective parts introduced into the supply chain, while preserving the huge benefits we obtain from the global supply chain we so depend on.

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