A Time For Unity

Washington, D.C. based alumna Sarah Baker is on a break. For now, at least. Having worked from the Obama White House for the last five-plus years, she’s earned a little time to reflect and assess her options.

And, given her only downtime since passing the bar exam came when she surrendered her Blackberry during the government shutdown, who can blame her?

We spoke to Sarah a matter of days after President Donald Trump took office, his arrival drawing a line under her tenure at the Office of the White House Counsel. As Special Assistant and Associate Counsel to the President, her responsibilities lay in overseeing the vetting of potential federal government nominees and appointees.

Obama’s modus operandi on that front built on the tried-and-tested methods of previous administrations. But, with the change in regime, came a change in approach.

To read the full interview with Hogan Lovells alumna Sarah Baker, download a PDF copy of "A Time for Unity." This article was first published in the March 2017 Hogan Lovells alumni magazine Reflections.

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