2019: What are they planning?

As the decorations are put away and the post-Christmas detox is commenced, things may seem a little sombre for the start of the year. But fear not! 2019 will be anything but dull.

In addition to the historic event (currently planned!) in March 2019, the rest of the year promises some major changes to the development regime. Which of these will energise the industry and which will leave a sour taste? We consider the five big ones here.

There's a lot happening to keep everyone on their toes. But with Brexit still taking up so much time in Westminster, we're expecting slow progress in terms of any new legislation and policy. 2019 promises a mixed bag of planning reform, with continued focus on housing delivery and now, crucially, the high street.

With the international spotlight on London and the on-going political argy-bargy, it will be interesting to see how the draft London Plan progresses and what this will mean in practice for our country at one of the most significant times in its history.

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