United States Navy Commissions Virginia-class Submarine Honoring Hogan Lovells Senior Advisor Senator John Warner

U.S.S. John WarnerWASHINGTON, 6 August 2015 – Hogan Lovells is proud to announce that the United States Navy has commissioned SSN 785, a nuclear Submarine of the Virginia Class, and named it for one of our firm’s senior members.

The U.S.S. John Warner honors the Senator, who held various public offices, including Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee.  He was an enlisted seaman in the Navy in the last year of World War II (1945-46), and a U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant who served in Korea (1951-52).

The U.S.S. John Warner is 377 feet long and has a 34-foot beam. It will be able to dive to depths greater than 800 feet and operate at speeds in excess of 25 knots submerged, and will run for 33 years without ever refueling.

"Let them know of your presence and your determination to defend freedom," said Warner, as he addressed the ship's crew and a large audience at the Commissioning Ceremony on 1 August 2015. "Defend the sea lanes of the world which are the very arteries of international commerce. Our submarines, our surface ships, and naval aircraft, are 'on watch' day and night to protect free passage in international waters - not just for the United States but for all global commerce."

A more detailed biography of Senator Warner is available here.

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