‘This is Me’ – Hogan Lovells Hosts Launch of Lord Mayor's Mental Health Campaign

London - 20 May 2016

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, Hogan Lovells today hosted the launch of 'This is Me', a pioneering City wide mental health campaign initiated and led by the Lord Mayor's Appeal team under the Lord Mayor's 2016 Power of Diversity programme.

'This is Me' aims to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace and to raise awareness of wellbeing, by encouraging employees who have experienced a mental health issue, either personally or through supporting family or friends, to share their story with colleagues. The campaign is in partnership with Mind, Barclays, Business Healthy and the City Mental Health Alliance and will run until World Mental Health day on the 10 October 2016.

Mark McLane, Global Head for Diversity & Inclusion at Barclays, who first developed the campaign and have run it for two years, spoke of its success in changing the culture of the business. He chaired a panel with the Lord Mayor, Hogan Lovells' Managing Partner for the UK and Africa, Susan Bright and former Global VP at Unilever, Geoff McDonald, sharing their thoughts.

Susan Bright is on the Board of the City Mental Health Alliance and actively supports Hogan Lovells' Disability and Wellbeing (DAWN) Network. Also as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, the DAWN Network has hosted two guest speakers celebrating the connections, the relationships and the people in our lives who add to our wellbeing and protect and sustain our mental health, as well as the support we give to others.

Commenting, Susan Bright said:

"Each year one in four of us suffers from some kind of mental health condition, with the WHO claiming that by 2030 depression will impose the biggest burden on the NHS. A recent poll by Mind and YouGov found that over half of workers (56%) rated their work as very or fairly stressful; and that just 5% of employees who had taken time off work owing to stress had told their employer that their absence was stress-related.

"This cannot be allowed to continue - being able to talk openly about mental health issues is vital. Through a variety of initiatives, including the work of our DAWN Network and supporting the ‘This is Me’ campaign, we hope to encourage our people to start having these important conversations. Ensuring an open and inclusive working environment, where each of us can be ourselves, is a priority we take very seriously at Hogan Lovells."

For further information please contact:

Vanessa Montero

Senior PR Manager

020 7296 5070


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