Pro Bono Annual Report: Hogan Lovells Pro Bono Efforts Make a Difference Around the World

London and Washington D.C., 31 January 2019 As 2018 came to a close, Hogan Lovells went well beyond achieving the original three-year goals we’d set through the firm’s Empowering Girls and Women Initiative. Making a world of difference, our annual Pro Bono report, highlights our commitment to those goals and provides snapshots of the many other ways our lawyers work to bring about change and confront some of society’s biggest problems.

"This Pro Bono Annual Report shines a spotlight on many of the efforts we engage in to protect the rights of the vulnerable, tackle violence, and uphold democracy,” said International Pro Bono Director Yasmin Waljee.

“Over the past three years, we dedicated more than $US35 million in pro bono legal services to the firm’s Empowering Girls and Women Initiative.”

Other highlights in the report include:

Negotiating a settlement in M.M.M. v. Sessions, which allowed hundreds of families who were separated after entering the United States a meaningful opportunity to seek asylum.

Working on an award-winning joint initiative known as the “Clann Project” to bring justice to the women and their children who were mistreated while in the care of Ireland’s mother and baby homes.

Protecting the rights of eligible voters to have their voices heard and their votes counted in Georgia, New York, Maryland, and Virginia.

Convincing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve a new treatment for river blindness, a debilitating disease that affects millions of people living in sub-Saharan Africa.

Advising social enterprises across Europe and supporting organizations that encourage female entrepreneurship in the United States, Australia, and throughout Latin America.

"We've always looked for opportunities to make a bigger impact through our pro bono work,” said Pro Bono Partner T. Clark Weymouth. “In 1969, we were the first law firm to establish a dedicated pro bono department. It’s no surprise that, 50 years later, our lawyers continue to illustrate the overall importance and significance of how pro bono work can make a world of difference globally."

To find out more, read the full Pro Bono Annual Report.

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