Iowa Caucus 2020: Opening day in politics

Washington D.C., 3 February 2020 – Commentary from Ivan Zapien, leader of the Hogan Lovells Government Relations and Public Affairs practice

Tonight, one candidate gets to be president for a day while others get the steam they need to move on. There is nothing more exciting than opening day in politics.

With full steam ahead into election season, the myriad of proposals by the freshly-leading contenders will start to face heightened public scrutiny as they slowly glide from candidate ideas to real policy proposals in a potential new administration.

If the progressives show strongly, the questions will focus on whether their proposals can truly succeed – both in a general election and in Congress. If the more moderate candidates rise up, we will want to know whether their ideas can excite the base.

But no matter who comes out on top, opening day signifies the first step in a potential shift to a new administration, all while businesses must to continue to operate within the framework of the current one. The time is now to look ahead and begin charting potential challenges and opportunities in order to be prepared no matter who sits in the White House this time next year.

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