Hogan Lovells Supports Social Mobility Business Compact

LONDON, 12 January 2012 - Hogan Lovells has been congratulated by Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, today as one of the leading companies in opening their doors to young people from all walks of life.

Hogan Lovells is named as one of the signatories to the Business Compact, the Deputy Prime Minister’s flagship scheme to create fairer opportunities to getting the best jobs.

Good Citizenship is one of Hogan Lovells' core values and the firm has a comprehensive strategy to enhance diversity and ensure an inclusive working environment, which means commitment to:

  • recruit, nurture, develop and advance the most talented law students, graduates, lawyers and business services staff from all backgrounds
  • engage all members of Hogan Lovells with its diversity agenda and integrate diversity and inclusiveness into all activities
  • ensure workplace policies and procedures are inclusive and designed to promote a high-performance culture that values individual contribution, teamwork, innovation and productivity.

Examples of Hogan Lovells' commitment to social mobility and community investment include:

Social Mobility

Community investment

  • After-school debating club, Debate It! to improve the communication skills and confidence of pupils when public speaking
  • Participating in HRH Prince of Wales' Mosaic Network UK mentoring programme to support and empower young Muslims
  • Holding an inspirational careers fair 'Steps to Success' to introduce primary school children to a range of professional careers

Ruth Grant, partner and Co-Chair of Hogan Lovells' Worldwide Diversity Committee, said:

"We are pleased to be among the firms leading this important initiative as part of our commitment to diversity.  We aim to recruit the most talented individuals regardless of social background but appreciate that for some students from less privileged backgrounds entering the profession is becoming increasingly difficult. Supporting the business compact is one of the ways in which we are seeking to combat this barrier and I hope many more companies join us in this shared goal."

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said:

“This is an important step towards a society where it’s what you know, not who you know, that counts.  Working with the Coalition, the biggest hitters in Britain’s business world are helping lead the way to a fairer, more open society.

“By opening their doors to young people from all walks of life, this marks the start of a culture shift at the heart of British business, driven by the belief that ability and drive should trump connections and privilege.

“I’d like to thank Hogan Lovells for signing up to the Business Compact. Today’s success makes me even more ambitious. This great news is just the beginning – I will be doing everything I can to bring even more businesses on board.”

More than one hundred of Britain’s biggest companies and top professional groups have signed the Business Compact, committing them to making entry into their professions fairer.

The Business Compact forms a key part of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Social Mobility Strategy, launched in April 2011, which sets out the Government’s determination to ensure every individual is free to achieve, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Businesses which sign up to it must agree to:

  • support communities and schools through reading and mentoring schemes or encouraging their staff go out to schools and inspire pupils about their careers.
  • open opportunities to all young people by advertising their work experience places through schools, online and in other public forums, rather than just giving places to their mates.
  • make access to internships open and transparent, paying interns the National Minimum Wage where they are legally entitled to it and providing financial support to ensure fair access, such as providing expenses and/or accommodation to those from less advantaged backgrounds to ensure they are not prevented from accessing opportunities by their financial circumstances
  • recruit fairly and without discrimination, ensuring that their recruitment processes don’t allow candidates to be inadvertently screened out because they went to the wrong school or come from a different ethnic group (including through using name-blank and school-blank applications where appropriate).


For further detail about the Deputy Prime Minister’s work on the Business Compact, please visit: www.dpm.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/businesscompact

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