Hogan Lovells Launches Innovative Business and Social Enterprise Training Program

LONDON AND WASHINGTON D.C., 19 JANUARY 2015 - Hogan Lovells has launched a pioneering global new business skills training course for lawyers at the start of their careers, aimed at educating them on the fundamentals of business and the importance of social impact.
Hogan Lovells Business and Social Enterprise training program (HL BaSE) provides a combination of practical business training combined with the opportunity to directly advise small businesses.

The training program, which will welcome its first group of participants in London next month, is being run in association with social enterprise partners Ashoka and UnLtd.

As part of the program participants will: 

  • Gain a fast track understanding of non-legal business topics such as revenue streams, equity and debt financing, risk, and compliance
  • Learn how to advise a business in practice, such as developing a business plan and identifying  legal risks
  • Learn about the positive impact of social enterprise, including tax, procurement requirements, regulation, joint ventures and brand
  • Be paired with a small business to provide hands-on advice through a half day supervised workshop – we will be using social entrepreneurs for this exercise

Hogan Lovells corporate partner Nicola Evans, one of the project leads, said:
"This course will provide our lawyers with an understanding of business fundamentals and the importance of social impact to the way our clients do business. This is an understanding which our lawyers can then carry with them throughout their career. It will produce lawyers who are confident and entrepreneurial, who understand the importance of client relationships, and who understand that commerciality, social impact and economic return go hand-in-hand."

Hogan Lovells CEO Steve Immelt commented:
"I am very excited about this pioneering new global program which has been developed from listening to our lawyers and to our clients who want lawyers who are business-focused and commercial in outlook."
Ashoka added: "In our view, HL BaSE has the potential to revolutionize education for lawyers, it will produce change makers – lawyers that are creative thinkers with the ability to adapt to the changing world whilst maintaining a good understanding of all the elements that constitute 'success' in business which go to and beyond the bottom line."

Cliff Prior, UnLtd’s chief executive, added: "We are excited to be part of HL BaSE which will support our mission to reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live.  This is a real opportunity for social entrepreneurs with high potential for growth to access professional expertise and scale up their ventures to meet the huge challenges facing our society."

For more information about the program, please visit our dedicated BaSE website here.

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