Hogan Lovells Flags False Advertising Faux Pas in Life Sciences Sector

LONDON/WASHINGTON, 23 February 2016 – With advertising high on the agenda for Life Sciences companies, but litigation a real threat, Hogan Lovells has published guidelines for companies looking to advertise in this highly regulated industry.
Globalization and rationalization have made it increasingly common for companies to develop and implement cross-border marketing campaigns encompassing several jurisdictions. Successful advertising often depends on making forceful statements in relation to a product's performance, or in comparing a product with a competitor's product. These statements can cause legal problems and possibly invite legal sanction.

Due to the international nature of the Life Sciences sector, challenging misleading advertising statements is complex. New regulations make it easier to enforce cross-border judgments. In addition to the different options for taking action against misleading advertising before state courts and public authorities, in many countries, the role of self-regulatory bodies is becoming increasingly important.

“At Hogan Lovells, we have extensive experience in all facets of misleading advertising and have handled cases throughout Europe and across the world,” said Ina Brock, co-head of Hogan Lovells’ global Life Sciences Industry Sector Team. “We operate as an integrated international team of professionals, providing coordinated worldwide and cross-border advice.”

To read the guidelines, “Connecting Europe, False Advertising in Life Sciences,” click here.

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